Rose Petals on the Path

A sun beam, a song, a word, a touch….like the song, “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things”, I have become to adore the eye to eye ordinary conversation between friends.  Making friends often have the commonality of something….school mates, broken hearts, love of something.  In my case, I have found friends through the path of the rose.  The path includes all who are on the path, who dream of the path, who see the light poles, subtle or blaring.  It contains a kind of etiquette, like the royal court of the kings and queens. A bowing, a courtessing, a silence, a branch of baby’s breath.  In a sense, it is to become a royal one, among others who are royal, and treated as friends, mirroring each other’s royalality.     14607_1567909553486429_2142221415687186467_n

Last night I learned of life ways with my royal friends,  in the  form of a gathering of wise women.  We learned through the heart,  from one who is all heart.  I am filled with gratitude and love.  And here I will blog some of my thoughts and experiences along the way.  Om Shanti Shanti.  Peace Peace.