June Rose Beads: Refinement on the Path

I am learning some new “tricks” with making rose beads.  At first I thought I would only use the “natural” items to mash the roses as they simmered.  I  have a pestle shaped river rock  and it has been perfect to mash the petals.  But recently I have tried a method a friend mentioned:  an electric coffee grinder.  I waited for a while to use one, and shopped around a few months, and finally bought one, held my breath, and tried it.  After all, why not try something new, something modern?  I am delighted with the results.  The beads,  as they dry,  look very fine and smooth.  Just what I was looking for!  As I threaded them to dry, I thought, why not hang them?    Found a perfect spot in my kitchen , where some copper utensils have hung.  The beads have created quite a conversation with the workmen who are gutting some dry rot in the house, as we prepare to sell. Its quite the thing, with all the banging and drilling as the house is being destroyed and new spaces created;  I am also being created fresh and new, it feels.  Quite happy.DSC02188 DSC02178


Come Back to Existence – Osho

I follow this blog and always learn. Peace and Love.

Sat Sangha Salon

Once a doctor, a very well known historian and an eminent scholar, was staying in a village. The postmaster, the old postmaster of the village, became curious about this old man, this doctor. He was curious to know what kind of doctor he is, so one day he asked, ‘What kind of doctor are you sir?’

The man said, ‘Doctor of Philosophy.’

The old man had never heard about it. He was puzzled and he said, ‘I have never heard of any case of this disease here.’

Don’t laugh about it, because that old postmaster was right in a way – philosophy is a kind of disease. Of course, doctors of philosophy are not doctors; rather, they are the perfect victims of a disease.

Philosophy is not a specific disease, so you cannot think of it in terms of cases. It is born with the human being. It is as…

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