The Forty Day Magic Challenge: Day Two — Accessing Dream Wisdom

The Awakened Dreamer

Okay, so how was day one for me? For you?

Yesterday I literally floated effortlessly through my day — which took place in airports and airplanes on the way from Halifax to Vancouver. I had a more than a few intersections with strangers that turned out to be synchronistic and delightful.

But on arriving home late at night to discover my vegetable and herb garden had not been once watered by my family while I was away, my heart sank. I ran outside to inspect a once verdant crop to find it parched, brown and barely alive.

I felt sad and a bit angry. I had planted this garden and nurtured it for two months and had mistakenly thought my family would think to supply water to very thirsty plants in over ten days of sun.

I went to sleep feeling less than joyful. And this pre-sleep mood impacted me…

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The Forty Day Magic Challenge: Day One — Wide Open Surrender to Wonder

Liking this,…..Day 1.

The Awakened Dreamer

Starting today—and for the next 40 days—this blog is a real time experiment in divine magic making. I’m entering the laboratory of non-ordinary reality and inviting you to join me on a grand adventure. We’re going to blow the lid off the increasingly limited paradigm of the law of attraction and make-it-so manifestation and instead open the door to something much truer and vastly more powerful.

This is about Soul. This is a discovery of the truth of who you are. This is about a constant effortless surrender of what you think you want into the mystery of this one question: What does my soul want so that my life can be a masterpiece of love, joy, prosperity wellness and service?

Today is a Monday where stock markets are melting down world wide. I woke up in the night eight hours before the NYSE opened from a fleeting wave of anxiety that had…

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Translucent Darkness – Osho

The third thing: the experience of truth is like music – yes, more like music than like anything else, because you cannot describe music to anybody else. You can say it was beautiful, but that is an evaluation, your judgment. You are not describing music, you are describing your mood that happened through the music. There is no way to describe the beauty of music……Osho

Sat Sangha Salon

Man up to now has lived in a very schizophrenic way. The reason why he has become divided is not very difficult to understand. For centuries he has been told that the world consists not of one world but of two worlds: the world of matter and the world of the spirit. This is absolute nonsense.

The world consists only of one truth. Of course, that truth has two aspects to it, but those aspects are indivisible. The outer aspect appears as matter and the inner as spirit. It is like a center and its circumference. This division has penetrated human mind in a thousand and one ways. It has become the separation between the body and the soul. It has become the separation between the lower and the higher. It has become the separation between the sin and the virtue. It has become the separation between the East and…

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