Three Stages of Human Consciousness: Adam, Jesus and Christ – Osho

Sat Sangha Salon

Man’s evolution is from innocence to innocence.

The first innocence is ignorant, the second innocence is luminous. The first innocence is a kind of sleep; the second innocence is an awakening. The first innocence is a gift of God, the second innocence is man’s own effort, his earning, his work upon himself. The first can be lost, the second cannot be lost. The first has to go – in the very nature of it, it cannot be eternal; but the second, once it comes, remains forever – it is eternal.

Remember, whatsoever you attain consciously, only that can you possess, ONLY that. Whatsoever is given to you, and you receive it unconsciously, will be taken away. Only that really happens to you for which you work hard. Only that belongs to you which you create in your being. You become Master of it.

The first innocence in Christian terms is…

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Five Life-Saving Soul Lessons from the Dark Side

The Awakened Dreamer

It’s the winter solstice, the time of the nadir. It’s a time, when, if you dare, you can mine the depths of your soul for the numinous vein that runs so deep under only the bravest hearts risk the bottomless depths to take this divine treasure home.

I’m no stranger to depth mining precipitous dark chaos. My father died one New Year’s Eve from a catastrophic stroke while I was hosting a party. I got the death phone call, and in valiant hostess fashion, continued to entertain my guests. Only when the last person had left, did I collapse into my bed in a sobbing heap.

Last year, the winter solstice heralded another blow.

My children’s father, my former husband of 17 years, collapsed in a Starbucks and then descended into a coma. He’d thought he’d had the flu after a return trip from Africa. Turned out he had a severe case…

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Tantra Failed for Two Reasons – Osho

Sat Sangha Salon

Do you see shortcomings in the teachings of Tantra that incline you to feel tantric methods are not suitable for us?

It is not a complete system. There is a basic fallacy that human beings fall into: they find a small truth, a part of the truth, and rather than discover the whole, the remaining part they imagine to fill up the gap. Because they have part of the truth, they can argue and they can manage to make a system, but the remaining part is simply their invention.

All the systems have done that. Rather than discovering the whole truth, it is the human tendency to say, “Why bother? We have found a small piece which is enough for the showcase, which is enough to silence any enemy who raises any question” – and the remaining is just invention.

For example, tantra is right that sexual energy is the…

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Jean Klein: Master of Listening

Sat Sangha Salon

klein2The last time I saw Jean Klein was in 1996 in Santa Barbara, California. Amido and I had gone with him and his wife, Emma, to see the parade downtown. We had spent the weekend helping to care for Jean and giving Emma a break. Jean had had a stroke and was also suffering from dementia, although suffering is not the right word; I couldn’t find another. He really didn’t seem to suffer though it was clear that the conditions were affecting his body/mind.

Enlightenment with dementia, not two words you expect to experience together. Jean said he was not the mind. I found myself thinking, although unreasonably, that it would not be possible to have dementia with enlightenment. But if we are not the body and not the mind why should that be so? We know that Ramana Maharshi suffered from cancer. J. Krishnamurti’s bodily sufferings are well known…

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Desert Rose

Raylenea Abbott


We had been driving the desert route on I 40 between Arizona and Santa Fe New Mexico several times in the past few years. Along the way I notice a chapel that was been built into a rocky mountain ridge. Old adobe ruins doted the landscape as they seem to slowly return to the dust of the earth. This town of Mc Carys is considered a ghost town. Mc Carys is the gateway to the Acoma Indian Pueblo. This lone chapel called out to me and sparked my curiosity of what was there.

Santa Maria Mission was built in 1628. The present church was built over the older foundation in 1933. The Spanish conquistadors had their own bad habit of raping and pillaging the Indian tribes of the time. They were known to sell the Indian women into slavery. This just did not sit right with Pueblo Indians. Thus there…

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Moving Through Powerful Times…

by divine-design


‘Today, stop rushing through your spiritual search.
Take a moment to breathe.
God is here, right now.
You have everything you need.’

TODAY: The dark, wet, dreary weather continues. Parts of England are flooding and as I write, areas further north are being evacuated. I give grateful thanks to be warm, safe, cosy and dry…
But, overall there is a sense that life in Glastonbury is in a gentle slumber, replenishing energy.


ONE WORD: Expectant



I have outgrown anything and anyone that does not enrich the essence of my soul.

I have outgrown many things, and I’ve never felt freer.

Chanda Kaushick

Gentle – silent thoughts, observing, accepting, understanding, holding…


‘So do not let a weary body and a perhaps somewhat befuddled mind

hold you back more than necessary.’

Aisha North

Young woman sitting on a bed meditating


‘We are changing and need to have an unshakeable…

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Flowers and Thorns – Osho

Sat Sangha Salon


I am one with all things –

in beauty,

in ugliness,

for whatsoever is –

there I am.

Not only in virtue

but in sin too I am a partner,

and not only heaven

but hell too is mine.

Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu –

it is easy to be their heir,

but Genghis, Taimur and Hitler?

They are also within me!

No, not half – I am the whole of mankind!

Whatsoever is man’s is mine –

flowers and thorns,

darkness as well as light,

and if nectar is mine, whose is poison?

Nectar and poison – both are mine.

Whoever experiences this

I call religious,

for only the anguish of such experience

can revolutionize life on earth.


From A Cup of Tea, Letter #54

A Cup of Tea

Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

An MP3 audio file of this discourse can be downloaded from, or you can read the entire…

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