Parc du St Cloud

Raylenea Abbott


Venus with her Mirror

I lived outside of Paris for a while in St Cloud. This was the first time I had ever lived in a major city for many years, being a nature girl the city always had its draw backs. But nevertheless St Cloud had a park that some times was referred to a Le poumon de Paris, “The Lung of Paris.” and it became my playground to visit Mother Nature.


The Garden of the Moon Goddess Diana and consort Virbius, God of the Woods

Parc du St Cloud was where the Gods/Goddesses still live. This park has, fountains, wooded forest,  intimate gardens and a panoramic view of the city of Paris. It was only a short 7 minute walk from my house and I found myself walking through the gardens of the Queens.  It was known for La Route des Rois  “The Road of the Kings”…

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Meditation is Your Mastercard – Osho

Meditation is not work.

Meditation is purest blissfulness.

As you go deeper, you come across more and more beautiful spaces, more and more luminous spots. They are your treasure… deeper and deeper silences, which are not only the absence of noise, but the presence of a soundless song – musical, alive and dancing.

As you reach to the ultimate point of your being, the center of the cyclone, you have found god; not as a person, but as light, as consciousness, as truth, as beauty – as all that man has been dreaming of for centuries. And those dreamed-of treasures are hidden within himself. OSHO

Sat Sangha Salon

The other night during darshan, listening to your answer to Nivedano’s question, I had tears running down my face. For the first time in the seven years I’ve been with you, I could not only intellectually understand, but really feel that to look inside oneself is the only way to find the real treasures of life. Even though I am feeling this so strongly, it doesn’t make it easier to meditate, to look inside. 

In the past my favorite subject for you to talk about has always been love and relationships. Now, I can’t get enough of hearing you talk about meditation. Beloved Master, could you please speak about Vipassana meditation?

Prem Sampurna, there are hundreds of methods of meditation, but perhaps vipassana has a unique status; just the same way as there have been thousands of mystics, but Gautam Buddha has a uniqueness of his own. In many…

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The Significance of the Black Virgin

Raylenea Abbott


Darkness is the one true actuality, the basis and the root of light, without which the latter could never manifest itself, nor even exist. Light is matter, and darkness is pure Spirit.    

 H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine 1:70

One might ask what is the significance of the Black Virgin in our present times?  The Black Virgin is one of the most important arch-types at this point of history.  Many Black Virgins are found all through Europe but also can be found in South America. Present day Black Virgins are becoming more popular in the United States. We might ask ourselves who is this dark virgin and why is she becoming popular? She has been around before the coming of Christianity.


Lady Guadalupe Mother of the Americas

She was introduced into the Catholic Church during the times of the Crusades. Where she was found in the Middle East as…

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