Bread of Silence


Ground from the grains of the Black Virgin’s hair.

Honeycomb strained with the gentlest of care.

A pinch of salt from the Mediterranean Sea,

Caught on the wind of the first passing breeze.

Waters drawn from the Holy Wells,

Mixed with yeast risen in the chambers of love

Kneed by hand with prayers from above.

Offered to the Sun, the Rain, and the Moon,

From the Breath of Silence this bread has been made,

Risen in Love with each passing day.

Bread of Fire placed on my tongue of sweet desire.

Melts in my mouth it takes me to bliss,

Soothes my heart from all things I have missed.

Bread of Fire you soothe my desire.

Baked in clay ovens older then time.

Fire, smoke and ash, alchemically blessed.

Eaten by those who have passed the test.

Made through love that come down through time,

In convents, monasteries temples unseen.

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