The Magic of Turning Any Trip into a Pilgrimage

The Awakened Dreamer

I was 40 years old when I figured out that any trip away from my ordinary, everyday life had the potential to be transformative and mystical.

That magical trip was a year after the shock-grief of my mother’s accidental death. Despairing sadness had given way to an overall restless dissatisfaction with my life. My marriage was bland, my work as a clairvoyant felt rote and my role as a mother felt draining. Even my beautiful four year old girl could not rouse my spirits.

I simply felt hollow. 

So I took a trip away from home to hopefully break the spell of ennui. Back then, I did not call it a pilgrimage. I might have said to my then-husband something like, “I just need to get away.” Or maybe I phrased it as a “vision quest,” that shamanic tradition of isolation as a way to see your truest way forward.

What that…

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