La Conquestadora Oldest Madonna in USA


La Conquestadora has had many titles through the centuries. She was known as Our Lady of Assumption, Our Lady of Conception, Our Lady of the Rosary and Nutetra Senora de la Paz. She first was brought to Santa Fe by the Franciscans. But on August 12 in the year of 1680 an Indian up rising occurred killing 21 priest and the burning of the city of Santa Fe. The church was also set on fire but, La Conquestadora was rescued from the flames.

The threads of this Virgin’s story being rescued from the fire….rings a bell in me. Is this not the myth of the Black Virgin that walks through the fire or is scorched by the desert sun? La Conquestadora’s history at this point is questionable because the church’s records were destroy between 1697-1777. Also there has been embellishment of the La Conquestadora’s story that is mixed with deep…

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