On Love



Love is the one force in this universe that transforms us.

It is  not about having your own way.

It is about surrender.

 It is not about who is in control or more powerful.

Even though love is the most powerful energy in the Universe.

It is about softening, melting , accepting and allowing.


Love unconditional is rarely found,

And even harder to practice.

For it will transform you into what the very mystics speak about.

It takes courage and deep understanding to allow such surrender to take place.

This is the love that wanting to manifest in our relationships on planet Earth at this time.

This is the human love that is living on the border-line of Love Divine.

And if you ever have the opportunity to taste of such love you are truly blessed,

Even through it may take you through the ultimate test,

To die in such…

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Poppies and Wild Rye


I was driving on the back roads today and outside the small town of Gazelle I came across a patch of poppies and wild rye. This is not something I see often here in Northern California but is a familiar site living in the South of France and Northern Italy. Poppies and Wheat represent the mother/daughter Goddesses Demeter and Persephone.

T78 INT 37

Most of you must be familiar with the myth of Persephone being drag into the underworld by the God of the Underworld Pluto. Persephone’s Mother, the Earth Goddess, Demeter,   was besides herself searching for her daughters wheres about. All the vegetation of the Earth began to die and the Gods became worried that all of life would disappear and something needed to be done. The Mercury , the God of Communication, brought a message to Pluto saying he had to let Persephone go so that Demeter would not destroy…

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