Temple of Isis

Raylenea Abbott


We saw many temples and tombs in Egypt but the one that struck a deep chord in me was the Temple of Isis in Philae.

We woke up early in the morning and were taken by bus to a lake were we took small boats that ferried us to the island of Philae. The market place was filled with vendors but we were instructed not to interact. Once on the boat a young boy was introduced to us who had a handful of necklaces and bangles. He was earning money for his schooling, I think everyone on the boat bought something from him.

Philae is called the Jewel of the Nile and once you have seen it you realize why. Great rock cliffs in shapes of dragons seem to be the guardians. I knew I was looking at the Ley-Lines in the form of these stone guardians.

We arrived on…

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Water Offerings

Raylenea Abbott


Water Offerings can help bring balance and fertility back to the Earth, and when one is committed to the practice it can teach you the Way of Mirror- like Wisdom. The Elementals of Nature are mirrors reflecting humanity’s thoughts and feelings. When we begin to understand this inside ourselves we can begin to bring balance back into our environment, our home and our neighborhood. When we offer with pure intention, acknowledgment, gratitude and with no thought of result, the Elements of Nature can use such offerings for healing the natural environment.

Raylene Abbott teaches how to make water offerings both in the Eastern and Western traditions. Water Offerings is the first in a five part Series of a Five Elemental Offering Practice Raylene will be offering over the next year through out the Golden State of California.

Please Contact rayleneabbott@gmail.com

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Labyrinth of Chartres

Raylenea Abbott


I planned my trip to Chartres weeks ahead of time, making sure that we went on Friday which is the only day the labyrinth is open for the public to walk. I had walked a Labyrinth before but never the great Labyrinth of Chartres. We arrived in Chartres, which is about 50 miles outside of Paris or 80 kilometres.

The medieval cathedral of Chartres is considered one of greatest gothic designs known to man. This area was once the sacred oak grove of the Carnutes, an ancient Celtic tribe of the Iron Age. This was a sacred place for the Carnutes to visit once a year. They would gather for ceremony and tribal business.

They worshiped the Goddess in the form Virgo Paritura in a grotto next to a sacred well. This aspect of the Goddess was a Virgin giving birth to a child. The Catholic Church went as far…

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St. Victor’s Marseilles

Raylenea Abbott

I would like to add to my stories the events of our visit to Marseilles last year. Andreas, Olivier and I were on the train to Cannes in Southern France. We had a few hours stop over in Marseilles and this allowed us a little time for sightseeing.
This was my first trip to Southern France and I had no guidebooks to know where I was going. Olivier went to the tourist information center and we found a pamphlet about the churches in the area. The main church was the Basilica of Notre-Dame. It was of Roman-Byzantine style. It had been built on another a smaller chapel from the 13th century. The work on the bigger basilica was completed in 1899.This church could be seen towering above Marseilles. It was built on the highest point of the city.
But it was not this church that caught my eye, as I…

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This is Love

Raylenea Abbott


I woke up this morning, this is when my thoughts are always clear. I pulled the curtains back and I watched the sunrise.  The overwhelming feeling of love took me over, ” Love just is.” Waves of this deepened love washed over me like an ocean of sunshine bathing my soul.   This Is-nessof love I have been experiencing does not have to grasp, push away or control to have its way.  It does not go way but remains in my heart as an open space of allowing and surrendering to what is. This door of my heart was opened by another human-being. A very human love full of desire, longings, hopes, wishes and fears. But as time has gone on it has turned into something else, a mystical experience that has taken beyond the boundaries of my rational mind of safety. It has opened me to this uncharted…

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Magdalene Mysteries in Notre Dame

Raylenea Abbott


I find myself standing in front of Notre Dame, looking at the famous western rose window.  This is how I begin my sacred journey on the island Ile de La Cité, Paris, France.  

I look up at the 28 stone statues of the Kings of Judah. They were built into the face of the cathedral. What is interesting is that in the bible there is only the mention of 19 kings. Twenty-eight kings represent the 28-day lunar cycle of the Moon Goddess. The western rose window is symbolic of the womb of the Great Goddess herself. Stone reliefs make up a living book of Hermetic knowledge. 

When you walk through the door of Notre Dame there you can see a stone relief of a bishop holding a shepherd hook. He seems to be stepping on a dragon. But if one takes a second look one realizes that the dragon is actually…

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