Labyrinth of Chartres


I planned my trip to Chartres weeks ahead of time, making sure that we went on Friday which is the only day the labyrinth is open for the public to walk. I had walked a Labyrinth before but never the great Labyrinth of Chartres. We arrived in Chartres, which is about 50 miles outside of Paris or 80 kilometres.

The medieval cathedral of Chartres is considered one of greatest gothic designs known to man. This area was once the sacred oak grove of the Carnutes, an ancient Celtic tribe of the Iron Age. This was a sacred place for the Carnutes to visit once a year. They would gather for ceremony and tribal business.

They worshiped the Goddess in the form Virgo Paritura in a grotto next to a sacred well. This aspect of the Goddess was a Virgin giving birth to a child. The Catholic Church went as far…

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