Temple of Isis


We saw many temples and tombs in Egypt but the one that struck a deep chord in me was the Temple of Isis in Philae.

We woke up early in the morning and were taken by bus to a lake were we took small boats that ferried us to the island of Philae. The market place was filled with vendors but we were instructed not to interact. Once on the boat a young boy was introduced to us who had a handful of necklaces and bangles. He was earning money for his schooling, I think everyone on the boat bought something from him.

Philae is called the Jewel of the Nile and once you have seen it you realize why. Great rock cliffs in shapes of dragons seem to be the guardians. I knew I was looking at the Ley-Lines in the form of these stone guardians.

We arrived on…

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One thought on “Temple of Isis

  1. They barely seem to be able to see a world, a now of time that once was that for women was considered a golden age, for Isis and her “daughters” who studied the mysteries first conveyed by her discovered their true power…and that Temple must vibrate with such holiness. I’m glad you could feel it, even give it room to move through you even if no one understood or cared to.


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