The 59 Slogans of Lojong

The Buddhaful Tao

Lojong was originally brought to Tibet by an Indian Buddhist teacher named Atisha. It is a mind training practice in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and is based on a set of aphorisms formulated in Tibet in the 12th century by Geshe Chekhawa. The practice involves refining and purifying one’s motivations and attitudes.

The 59 proverbs that form the root text of the mind training practice are designed as a set of antidotes to undesired mental habits that cause suffering.

Point One: The preliminaries, which are the basis for dharma practice

Slogan 1. First, train in the preliminaries; The Four Reminders or alternatively called The Four Thoughts

1. Maintain an awareness of the preciousness of human life.
2. Be aware of the reality that life ends; death comes for everyone; Impermanence.
3. Recall that whatever you do, whether virtuous or not, has a result; Karma.
4. Contemplate that as long as you are too focused on self-importance and too caught up in thinking about how you are good or…

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Regla Guiding Star

Love the Zero Point…the Guiding Star…..Raylene herself does that for me,

Raylenea Abbott


Today September 7th is the feast day of Our Lady Regla the aspect of the Black Virgin Mary of both Miami and Cuba.  Underneath her skirts is the ancient African Water Goddess      Yemaya. I wrote about her a few months back when I visited her shrine in Little Havana in Miami. You can read more about her Link to Lady Regla

I have visited many Black Virgins in Europe but it was in the USA that I found the Black Madonna that blew my heart away. Maybe it is because she is the Mistress of the Waters and I have been doing daily water offerings for the last 16 years. But I feel Regla spoke to something deep inside of me, the primordial connection with the Earth, the Waters and simultaneously still having connection to the Higher Planes.

The other day a Woodstock Astrologer friend of mine Marian…

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Sacred Flora Offerings

Raylenea Abbott


Raylene has been healing with flowers for over thirty years.  Raylene Sacred Flora Healing comes in the form of a flower ceremony mandala,  healing flower arrangement, or she offers a flowering tea ceremony.

The flower mandala can compliment a right of passage, wedding or community event.  When the Mandala is completed it is then offered back to the earth or petals are given to guest for their personal healing.  Each mandala or flower arrangement is made with silent prayer and meditative focus.  Flowers are chosen for their healing vibration which Raylene can describe in detail to the guest.


Flowering tea is a fusion of both traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony and the use of Sacred Flora that have been hand collected or grown by Raylene.  The Flowering Tea is  individualize by the choice of healing flower Raylene uses when a person comes up to receive their tea.


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