Our Lady of Light


Our Lady of Light shines brightly for all of us. You can see in the background her garden is growing mullein.  Mullein was called Our Lady’s Candle in Mary’s Sacred Flora.

Mullein once was dipped in tallow and burned as torches for pilgrimage ceremonies in old Europe. Many of the old shrines in Europe are built on the ley-lines high in the mountains. Once a year when the spring comes the village people would carry the statue and walk the ley-lines trails which are the old pilgrimage routes.  Each step they took would be filled with prayer.

This pilgrimage process actually awakened the Earth’ ley-line energy !  Pilgrimage recharged the land and the village people.  They would carry the icon of the Blessed Mother to the ocean to be washed in the Mediterranean Sea.  This action actually opened the people up to be healed because when the ley-of the land…

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