Who was Mary Magdalene


It was in the eleventh century that a cult of Mary Magdalene began to develop in Vézelay. The relics of Mary Magdalene were brought to Vézelay from the Church Saint Maximin near the grotto of Sainte Baume. There, according to the local legends, Mary Magdalene lived out the final years of her life

Vézelay, the Church of Saint Maximin and the cave of Sainte Baume were connected to the Medieval Story of the Magdalene. In the legend of Mary Magdalene it is said that she arrived with other attendants. The list is subject to change according to who is telling the story. Legends had Magdalene preaching against idolatry and creating miracles while she traveled through the South of France.

It is said she went to Sainte Baume to live in a cave. She spent the next 30 years of her life fasting and praying and being fed by the songs…

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