“Shakti Garden” Magic

Garden sweat is the best.

Started making more of a creative flow garden in my little patio today.  Getting the creative juices flowing.  Intuitive gardening is what I am calling it.  I did this in my Auburn house in California a few years ago. The weedy knoll in the backyard corner, for a few years…I just stared at it.  Looked as if someone had done something there at one time, but not lately.  One day as I looked at this corner, it suddenly struck me… this was very much like my life, physical and spiritual! Neglected.  Something stirred in me, moved me slowly.

As I began the physical  work in the garden knoll, I felt an unfolding, the  essence of this potential garden,  and  a deeper discovery of myself both physical and spirit.  As I opened the spaces between rocks found under the dry weeds, green plants began to show themselves as they were enticed by the sun, the rain, the wind and my own hand.  I began to feel what I call the “Shakti Wind” guiding me.  The garden began to emerge into a beauty after a month of sweat, prayers, mantra, and water offerings. Two larger rocks emerged in the back of the Shakti garden, a deep red stone pointed  and a white stone with a hollow as if a puzzle piece of stone fitting together.  I had begun to bless the garden and rocks with rose petals from my front yard rose garden, that I had now included in my daily routine of watering,  pruning and gathering petals.

One long weekend, returning from camping, I opened the backdoor to step out in the garden and  a dragonfly flew to my eye level.  Flapping its wings hurriedly, it stared at me, for a surprisingly long time.  It seemed to be asking me where I had been. In the end he may have forgiven me, as he, humming birds, and other winged creatures continued visiting this living, thriving garden.

Eventually I added a little Zen bench, a wind bell, and some tiny pots where I lay my crystals on full moon nights. I felt very blessed here and spend time daily.  Subtle movements, shadow and light play,  sun through the green ivy plant leaves,  wind moving the tall and short plants in a kind of tantric dance with their shadows on the fence bending simultaneously.

We sold that home with the Shakti Garden, moving to a tinier home.  I sometimes wonder and hope  the new home owners feel the magic of the corner garden that became so alive, and helped me to unravel my own mysteries. Sending them blessings.

Now working on the tiny spot in the patio of our recent place, a little sweat as I begin the unfolding.  Excited as the process begins, the words come to me, ” Om Namah Shivaya”.   I sing the words…   This mantra  always come to me when I am overflowing with joy, peace and love.  The magic already beginning!


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