What is Love? – Osho

Sat Sangha Salon

What is love? 

It depends. There are as many loves as there are people. Love is a hierarchy, from the lowest rung to the highest, from sex to superconsciousness. There are many, many layers, many planes of love. It all depends on you. If you are existing on the lowest rung, you will have a totally different idea of love than the person who is existing on the highest rung.

Adolf Hitler will have one idea of love, Gautam Buddha another; and they will be diametrically opposite, because they are at two extremes.

At the lowest, love is a kind of politics, power politics. Wherever love is contaminated by the idea of domination, it is politics. Whether you call it politics or not is not the question, it is political. And millions of people never know anything about love except this politics – the politics that exists between husbands…

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The Fruitless Path

Raylenea Abbott


Sex without love is a fruitless path, for it is Love that carries the Fire of Redemption.

It takes courage to allow Sacred Love into one’s inner heart, for the illusion of separation can no longer live in the Beloved One.

The Union of the Two dissolves into the Oneness that is found only in the most intimate Chambers of the Sacred Heart.

It is only through Love that these fires can be untied, not a lukewarm love or a hopeful expectation of Love.

It is a full body on fire with desire Love that ignites the burning flame within the secret Chambers of the Heart.

This becomes the fuel of the Sacred Couple to AWAKEN! Just as Magdalene and Jesus once knew in the Body and in the


This is what is trying to be birthed in Man in Woman in this time on Earth.

But this path…

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Our Lady of Light

Raylenea Abbott


Our Lady of Light shines brightly for all of us. You can see in the background her garden is growing mullein.  Mullein was called Our Lady’s Candle in Mary’s Sacred Flora.

Mullein once was dipped in tallow and burned as torches for pilgrimage ceremonies in old Europe. Many of the old shrines in Europe are built on the ley-lines high in the mountains. Once a year when the spring comes the village people would carry the statue and walk the ley-lines trails which are the old pilgrimage routes.  Each step they took would be filled with prayer.

This pilgrimage process actually awakened the Earth’ ley-line energy !  Pilgrimage recharged the land and the village people.  They would carry the icon of the Blessed Mother to the ocean to be washed in the Mediterranean Sea.  This action actually opened the people up to be healed because when the ley-of the land…

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Our Lady of the Sacred Arts

Raylenea Abbott


Looking up in the sky one night there was a sliver of a moon conjunction with the planet Venus.  This celestial conjunction could be translated as the Crescent Moon is in it’s receptive cycle being influenced by a Venusian Muse.

All great art in this world comes from such influences. It is when we allow ourselves to become open, to be receptive to beauty, harmony and the truth we find in our deepest human emotions that long for soul expression. The artist is someone who can take their human experiences and range of emotions and transform them into art.

The deeper the artist has understood his own growth through his experiences the more profound the art becomes.  And there are those rare artist that touch the sphere of the Divine and have the ability to bring it back into the world. It is through the artist’s eyes we  can be given…

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She has Returned

Tribe of Dreams

The very first time I heard Bernie Sanders speak, I knew who he was

knew the energy he was representing

knew that he was being fed from the same wellspring of evolving consciousness by which so many of us have been being fed lately on this planet.

This wellspring offers the energy of community





It offers the energy of equality




It offers the energy of love.

In a civilization that values profit about all else

this energy becomes revolutionary

but it is not by nature.

By nature, this energy is evolutionary.

There is only so long that we can continue to stumble blindly upon the Earth

eating her up faster than she can feed us

and creating so much suffering for ourselves, our kin in the community of life, and our future generations.

So it is not only unsurprising,

but also necessary

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The 59 Slogans of Lojong

The Buddhaful Tao

Lojong was originally brought to Tibet by an Indian Buddhist teacher named Atisha. It is a mind training practice in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and is based on a set of aphorisms formulated in Tibet in the 12th century by Geshe Chekhawa. The practice involves refining and purifying one’s motivations and attitudes.

The 59 proverbs that form the root text of the mind training practice are designed as a set of antidotes to undesired mental habits that cause suffering.

Point One: The preliminaries, which are the basis for dharma practice

Slogan 1. First, train in the preliminaries; The Four Reminders or alternatively called The Four Thoughts

1. Maintain an awareness of the preciousness of human life.
2. Be aware of the reality that life ends; death comes for everyone; Impermanence.
3. Recall that whatever you do, whether virtuous or not, has a result; Karma.
4. Contemplate that as long as you are too focused on self-importance and too caught up in thinking about how you are good or…

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