30 Days of Women – Time to Collect Herbs

The Weekly Druid

In 1965, I was a baby and therefore did not do much of anything, definitely nothing earth shattering. In the same year, men-folk with pointy white hats and dressed in robes shattered something, though. No, I am not talking about the KKK here, but the Pope and his Catholic cardinals and bishops, who wrapped up the Second Vatican Council.

What they broke was yet another reminder of the original balance between male and female divine energy the pre-Christian heathen world enjoyed. They did away with what was known – at least in the Alps – as the Three Women Day on September 16th. Officially, this day was dedicated to the three female saints Katherine, Margaret, and Barbara. But why it had to be eradicated from the Catholic calendar was that these three saints were actually the Christianized versions of the threefold Goddess, whose name may have been Wilbeth, Ambeth, and…

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Minor Explosions – Osho

Sat Sangha Salon

All your meditation, and all my stress and emphasis on meditation, is just to make you open. Any moment you will be open and there will be transmission.

Minor explosions happen daily. They are only the glimpses of the centre. But that glimpse is not enough. It can help, but do not be satisfied with it. Ordinarily we become satisfied with this. There is a glimpse, and one becomes satisfied. One makes it a treasure, then one goes on remembering it. When the glimpse is changed from the centre to the periphery, then it becomes a memory. Then you nourish it, then you remember it, then you feel elated by it. Then you always wonder when it will happen again. Then it has become a part of the periphery, of the memory. It is useless.

Minor explosions can even be fatal if you nourish them as memory. Throw them, forget…

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Awakening before Enlightenment

Sat Sangha Salon

We hear the term ‘awakening’ thrown about today like a rag doll. And as is the case with almost all spiritual terminology, there seems to be levels and levels of meaning for the word ‘awakening.’ It is important to first recognize that we are not necessarily using a common language. When I see what the word ‘awakening’ is being used to point at, from the plethora of spiritual teachers that exists today, it is evident that it is being used to denote many different things.

And it is not just the spiritual teachers who use ‘awakening’ with different meanings; you can find references from the Enlightened Masters as well. There are times in the many books of Osho where he is referring to ‘awakening’ as the final enlightenment and sometimes he is pointing to a step that precedes enlightenment. I find the same situation in the works of J. Krishnamurti…

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International Peace Petal Pilgrimage 2016

Loved this….I did the one from Japan.


Made in Corten Blue, France offered at Reims Cathedral

Peace Petal Pilgrimage is a group of international people making flower mandalas for Peace on August 14th- 15th the Assumption of the Blessed Mother.   These mandalas are made silently making prayers for peace and then taken apart and offered to sacred sites, nature or even places in city streets that have known violence. This is the second pilgrimage that was birthed on Facebook 2016.  If you like to read more about each person’s mandala and join the next pilgrimage click the following  link:   Global Pilgrimage  These mandalas are incredible healing so enjoy seeing them and bath in their beauty.


This mandala is offered to the Golden Lady of Breuilaufa Chapel, after taking the Mandala on pilgrimage to be prayed over at the Black Virgin at Meymac.


At the foot of the Pyrenees, under the watch of a statue…

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