The Holy Outcast

imageThe following is a historical non-fiction. It is written about my blood-lineage in France. The story is fiction but the historical events and the royal-linage are true life events.  Raylene Abbott

It was the year of Our Lord 1254. I was 12 years old living with my Grandmother in the village of Biot in the South of France. Biot was a coastal town on the Mediterranean Sea. It was occupied by the Knight Templars. Count Alfonso II of Provence gave his land holdings to the Order years before, and because of this Biot became a key fortress. A lookout point for the Templars to keep watch over all the ships that came in from the Mediterranean Sea. Biot was raised above sea level sitting on a hill giving it a fair view of all who entered its harbor.

The Knight Templars had become the first banking system in Europe guarding…

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Journey of the Corn Mother


Working in women’s groups gave me deep insight into myself and my sisters. Other women became clear, reflecting mirrors of my own inner female. This happened most vividly once in a gathering of ninety woman. A large circle for sharing was formed, and everyone was given a chance to speak a small part of her story. A vision began to form in the middle of the circle as I listened to each woman

I saw Mother Mary holding a rosary made of silver stars. As I looked deeper into the shining star prayer beads, I saw that they were mirrors. As the different women told their stories, I began to hear only one story; details would change but the same women’s issues were being addressed. I heard only one voice, of woman struggling to become free and empowered.

Working with women helped me recognize abuse-induced emotions which prevented people from…

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The Evolution of The Alkaline Kitchen


Ava gives you some insight into the Vegan Alkaline Diet and what lead her to to start her You Tube channel called ” Ava’s Total Health & Fitness Solutions” which features “The Alkaline Kitchen with Christina & Ava” Ava is long time yoga teacher with master yoga certification and a health guru and mystic.  Ava confesses her age and her vegetarian eating mistakes during her 50 years of being a vegetarian. Perhaps you can relate.

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Vision at the Maiden Stone


Our woman’s circle wanted to go deeper into our healing and growth, so a friend and I got together and rented a chalet at a local hot springs spa. The workshop focused on dream work and on sharing openly with each other about our own sexual healing. The chalet had a hot tub, and a big kitchen where we could create herbal cosmetics and healthy food. To help release blocks in the physical, each woman was given an herbal body scrub, a flower facial, and a massage. Herbal bathing in the hot tub released tensions, which helped everyone to be relaxed within their personal process.

After the third day, we all were ready for a nature walk (taking advantage of my special expertise, which is in wild herbs and flowers, and the symbolic meanings written within nature). We hiked together as a group until we came to a clearing on…

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Whenever In-Breath and Out-Breath Fuse – Osho

Sat Sangha Salon

Whenever in-breath and out-breath fuse, at this instant touch the energy-less, energy-filled center.

We are divided into the center and the periphery. The body is the periphery; we know the body, we know the periphery. We know the circumference, but we do not know where the center is. When the out-breath fuses with the in-breath, when they become one, when you cannot say whether it is the out-breath or the in-breath… when it is difficult to demarcate and define whether the breath is going out or coming in, when the breath has penetrated in and starts moving out, there is a moment of fusion. It is neither going out nor moving in. The breath is static. When it is moving out it is dynamic; when it is coming in it is dynamic. When it is neither, when it is silent, non-moving, you are near to the center. The fusion point of…

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Take the Shape

Take the Shape…..Even if youre not quite there, or even far from it….take the shape of the pose, the position of the practice, the stance of the devotee, the grace of the divine. ❤

Simply Live Well

I started a yoga practice (again) in January of this year. A friend and I hauled ourselves and our lower back pain to a Bikram class weekly for a month or two. My back pain lessened as I strengthened my core, but unfortunately I went into Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana too far too soon and injured my knee. With hips as tight as mine after 25 years of running, something had to give. I kept going back for a few weeks, but while I had a much more favorable impression of Bikram this time than five years ago, it didn’t grab me enough to stay. So I started a home practice, doing David Swenson’s 45 minute Ashtanga short form sequence after running 4-6 miles as a way to stretch my muscles, loosen my hips, and get a taste of yoga 3-4 times a week. I felt like this was the best…

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